Monday, July 30, 2007

Saturday's Show (7/28/07)

Playlist for Saturday 7/28/07.

Notes (what we learned):

Justin Heathcliff was actually Dr. Osamu Kitajima, a Japanese ad jingle writer who moved to London and became influenced by psychedelia there. He recorded this album under a pseudonym. It is fantastic. In the 80s he became some kind of New Age music guru, along the lines of Yanni or John Tesh.

Though I played Roadrunner by the Modern Lovers, I am in fact NOT in love with Massachusetts.

After playing his popular cocaine smuggling ballad "Coming Into Los Angeles" onstage at Woodstock, Arlo Guthrie announced, "We're gonna do a Bobby Dylan tune, man. Maybe he'll do it with us, you know. Maybe he won't, that's groovy." Whoa, calm down, there Arlo! Jesus, what a hothead.

And finally, never feed a proto-metal jam band after midnight.