Sunday, January 20, 2008

Conspiracy Watch NYC - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Peapods

New York City has always been a place for foul smelling prophets to take their message of fractured logic to the streets. Unfortunately, for every high rise condominium that goes up, a wild-eyed Cassandra is put down. It was in this fashion that the Daoine Sidh were banished from the gentle shores of Albion.

I sometimes run into these messengers, most recently on the subway (D Train). A strange old woman came into the car and stood there motionlessly with her sign on a sandwichboard:
"White demons couldn't succeed to destroy the natural human race using war, Mendell & Hitler. Will they succeed using clones to replace plants, human, animals slowly but surely? Will demons use nuclear to expediate (speed) the process?"

Yes, her story pretty much checks out. But one question, if I may. Who or what is Mendell? A jive-talking barber from the Bronx? Apocalyptic comedian (and voice of Gizmo) Howie Mandel? The only candidate I can think of is scientist cleric Gregor Mendel, who studied inherited traits of peapods. His work laid the groundwork for early genetic science. If this woman was so concerned with plants being cloned, why wouldn't she equate Gregor Mendel with Hitler?


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Interesting to know.

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