Friday, March 7, 2008

An Olive Branch for Jill Sobule

Alright, in response to my last post, I am now an unpolished rock donor for Jill Sobule's new album. Why, you ask? Several reasons.

1. I may have been a bit unfair in my caustic assessment of her career. After she commented, I did some due diligence and checked out some of her post-1995 albums. They're not as Kate Bush or Elliott Smith as I would personally like, but they're fairly interesting and way better than Jewel. Also, she had two hit songs, not one. Anyone who knows me is aware of my love/hate relationship with the 90s, the decade that created the monster that is me.

2. She is a prog rock fan. I cannot risk offending one of the three women who actually like prog rock. When I host Plastic Tales I get a lot of calls, usually requests, sometimes guys who just want to chat about Nursery Cryme. None of them are female. One time I heard a woman's voice on the other line but it actually just turned out to be the girl who hosts the electronica show that comes on after mine. Nuts.

3. I donated $10, I am but a poor and humble graduate student. Does anyone out there have a bunch of money? Donate some to her, with the stipulation that she cover one of my favorite songs. I have one in mind. It has been forgotten by all, yet it still stands on the shoulders of giants long sunken beneath the waves. Soul Song by Saturnalia:


Jack Brando said...

Who says there are no more heroes?!
Baron Saturday, you rock.
Nice cover choice too!
I agree about the nineties, even marvel comics the king of comics could not put out anything decent.
The decade to forget. Give me the seventies and i'll strut my bell-bottoms proudly.


Vincent Blackwood said...

You contributed to the arts! Jill just hit $77,000 March 7th 2008. Thanks. You've heard some of her records -- but that's not her at her best. She has a entire recent live show at her web site It's free! You're a struggling student. You can afford that! Her charm and personality really comes out at her live shows. Just her and a guitar -- no B.S.