Monday, March 3, 2008

Searching For My Mainline

At the Roky Erickson show, the opening act was one of Thurston Moore's ubiquitous and irrelevant side projects.
He did however play one song that caught my interest, a tune about how he wasn't "a young man anymore." True, but it was not until today I realized the song is a recently discovered, previously unheard Velvet Underground song from a 1967 live show entitled "I'm Not A Young Man Anymore." It sounds like it would be great as a studio track, but Lou Reed's unfiltered opiate monotone does it in for me.

Source: Dead Flowers: Anglophiles Anonymous


Jack Brando said...

Missed the show as my computer was on the blink, but listened to it today at work. I liked the heavy third set and the 2066 german band at the end was cool. some good jazz-psych-prog fusion right there.
Listening to this Velvet Underground clip always reminds me of how cool they were, but i have to say even though i am a fan many of their songs begin to sound a like. Either way good to hear you back on the Plastic tales show.
"Down in Denver, down in denver, all i did was die" -Neal Cassady


misspunkitty said...

Roky Erickson, what a coincidence!!
I´m a great Roky´s fan...
In fact, I think I walked with zombies ALL LAST YEARS, haha!!