Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arcana Obscura Review (2/16/08)

Playlist and Archive for Saturday (2/16/08)

You're racing like a fireball and dancing like a ghost, so let's start you off with some Deep Purple:

I danced myself right out the womb. Is it strange to dance so soon?

Also, I did play some new stuff. Occasionally I emerge from my polyester cave and put my ear to the ground for new sounds. The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, for instance. A band eponymous to Chuck Dukowski, former Black Flag bassist and key SST Records figure. The latest album, Reverse the Polarity, has a divergent sound simultaneously reminiscent of X and Shocking Blue, not to mention various girl groups and female fronted bands of the mid 90s that were beloved to my teenage years. Some of the tracks venture into a spacey mournful realm of reverb banshees, and those are the ones that most fit with Arcana Obscura.


Jack Brando said...

Who is the hot chick in the go-go boots?

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