Saturday, February 9, 2008

Plastic Tales Review (2/4/08)

Unfortunately, Monday's show was only broadcast over FM in the NYC metro area, as the internet stream was disconnected.

The good news is that the next Plastic Tales and all subsequent shows are now available LIVE IN FRANCE over (American University in Paris) and soon on French cable channel 199. The cable channel alone will reach over THREE MILLION HOMES in Paris and other major French cities. Far fucking out.

Anyway, here's a video of "Seasons of Change" by Australian band Blackfeather:

Playing recorder on that track is Bon Scott, who would later front AC/DC and go on to drink himself to death in 1980.

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Jack Brando said...


Love that video. Gott afind some black feather. Are they on any psych comps you know of? Hey thanks for playing Bram Stoker 2 weeks ago. Too bad the show got unstreamed. Keep on keepin on.
How about soem Vampyros lesbos for the NYU listeners?