Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arcana Obscura Review (2/23/08)

Playlist and Archive for Saturday (2/23/08)

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, glam gods and architects of Bon Scott's karmic retribution. This is them, but a lot older:

Next we had "Drip Drip" by progressive folk freaks Comus. The only video of the song I could find was a music video someone had made of himself playing Final Fantasy Tactics. I don't really understand the internet.

And finally I played "Timothy" by UFO, thanks to the recommendation of one Julian Cope. I couldn't find a video of that, but I did find an interesting television appearance of them playing "Rock Bottom." Achtung, German headbanging youths of 1973! Check out the TV host who strips and writhes on the floor in ecstasy as well as the lusty middle-aged woman fanning herself with money.

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Jack Brando said...

Sweet video of UFO. I just found a record of them recently and was hooked. I'll post new stuff on my blog soon. The Rainbow Ffolly LP is called Sallies Fforth. Also worth checking out are Moonkyte.
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