Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Randy Maniac Bishop

Somehow today I was reminded of a video I had as a lad. The video involved a sea captain and a wisecracking duck who travelled around in a magic hot air balloon. Or something like that. It was called Monster Hits: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

They travelled around encountering different monsters, who then proceeded to sing songs, or people sang songs about them. For instance, there was a ballad about what a lonely life Igor has as well as a jaunty ragtime number about Dracula's biting fetish. Frankenstein's Monster also shows up, voiced by a Boris Karloff impersonator. So basically this video made me the man I am today. Fucking lawsuit.

The animation in this video was so bizarre. It was some kind of really early computer animation. I was able to find a video of one of the songs, a little ditty sung by a British explorer who warns America's children not to get "chummy with a mummy, or the mummy might get chummy with you." I was glad to learn this, since when D.A.R.E. and the Police Athletic League were trying to impart that very same wisdom to our 5th grade class I was like, "hey guys, I already know." So here's the goddamn mummy video:

Archaeology jive.


Jack Brando said...

That was awesome and freakin weird. What happen to being brainwashed by Bozo the Clown like the rest of us? Which reminds me i remember seeing the Bay City Rollers on Bozo! How about playing some Rainbow Ffolly on the next plastic tales show. Send a shout out to Denver, CO (the ghost of Neal Cassady still lingers)


Francis W said...

Holy Shokaract! I remember that video. Thanks for the Amazon link btw. I think my parents got rid of the vhs and I was afraid it was so obscure that it'd be lost forever.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I had that video as a kid too! Thanks for posting this; for some reason the mummy song popped into my head today (I'm 30; I haven't seen or thought about this video since I was maybe 6ish) and I was compelled to google "chummy with a mummy". Really glad someone else remembered this too!